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Portable Ni-Zn Rechargeable USB AA Battery

CB CE certificated NiZn portable usb rechargeable aa battery from Chaoli manufacturer:
a. 1.6v voltage and 0.15-15a discharge current
b. type c usb cable charging directly
c. available oem order for distributors and retailers



Ideal for camera, microphone, flash light, toy car, smart lock, door bell, sprayer, razor and so on.



AA type c usb zinc-nickel rechargeable battery, unique natural 1.6V high-voltage platform, greatly prolongs the battery life. 
The negative electrode uses zinc and zinc oxide, which are more environmentally friendly and wide-temperature, so that the battery is not afraid of 80 °C high temperature environment. 
The safety provided by the water-based electrolyte and the double-layer composite diaphragm allows the battery's discharge at high rate of 0.1-10C and large current of 0.15-15A to be used as soon as possible.



1. Applicable to all application scenarios of 1.5V alkaline batteries: 
2. Over-discharge resistant. After discharging to 0V and recharging again, the battery capacity is 100% as before. 
3. Water-based electrolyte makes safety always best. In extreme tests such as 100℃ high temperature, short circuit, extrusion, puncture, etc., the battery never explodes or catches fire; 
4. Storage resistance: After the battery is stored for 1 year, the capacity is still 80%, and the capacity is restored to 100%; 
5. Energy stability: 0.1C~1C discharge, the discharge energy is always above 90%.



1.Standard Charge——5 hours to be 100% capacity.

2.NiZn>NiMh——Discharge Capacity at 1.2V cut-off voltage.
   NiZN=91.2% capacity and NiMh=14.5% capacity when their discharge rate is 1C.

3.NiZn>Alkaline——Discharge Capacity at 0.8V cut-off voltage.
   The stability of NiZn battery is greater than Alkaline when discharge current is getting larger.

4.Capacity recovery is 100%——13 months storage.


Model AA
USB Type C
Brand CLDP
Capacity 1800mwh
Voltage 1.6V
Discharge 0.1-10C
Working Temperature -40 to +80℃
Package 4pcs/card
Size 14.5*50.5mm
Weight 22g
Rechargeable Yes
Cycle Life 1200 times

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